Nextar NST-310S3 does not work in win8 as described on box


Nextar NST-310S3 external HDD enclosure & Drive dock D300S3 clearly state that they support superspeed USB3.

This is not entirely true, these devices only supports USB 2 if plugged into ANY WIN8 computer.They are OS OK in WIN7 computers but not in any running WIN8 regardless of manufacturer.

There is no warning on the box to suggest this, also there is no firmware update available on their website....none since 2010!!!

So if you buy one of these enclosures...or their USB3 dock for that matter do not expect USB 3 support...transfer times will be super slow when forced back into USB2 mode.Buy at your own risk...I would not recommend it.

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Nextar will not stand behind their product

Lehi, Utah 0 comments
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I purchased 2 Nextar X3-11 GPS units and last year for Christmas and the warrantee was up a few days before Christmas.They will not charge so I called customer service on Dec.

28th. They told me that they would not do anything because it was past the warrantee period. I ask about even paying to get the product fixed and they said that the repair dept. did not work on anything that was out of warrantee.

I guess that your are just throwing away money on Nnextar products.I know that I did, I may as well have taken the $300.00 and thrown it out the window.

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